Using the CRM

What is CRM?

CRM is an abbreviation for customer relationship management, a technology that not only lets you store data of all your customers; it also enables you to keep track of all the interactions that you have made with them, along with helping you manage follow-ups. It doesn’t stop there, a customer relationship management software can also allow you to group your contacts, generate reports, send emails, automate your sales processes, provide support, generate invoices and a lot more.

If you are interested in using this CRM for your own business, I do offer it as a managed service.

See Here for more details.

What do I use this CRM for?

Project Management

To put it simply, the project management system allows me to create a project and specify all the requirements, upload files, add notes and more. I then create tasks, assign them to a project/client, create discussions or tickets related to that project and record/track all the time I spent on any task.

When a project is complete I can then invoice my client based on the time recorded against each task/ticket.

You are also able to login to your account and view any projects/tasks assigned to you, add comments, respond to discussions/tickets, upload files etc.

The built in support ticket system and discussion allows me to keep all communications for each project in one place, so all the replies related to that ticket/conversation are grouped together and thus easy to find/search through for both you and me.

This is much better/easier than searching your inbox for specific emails.

A ticket can also be linked to a project, which makes it even more convenient and intuitive.


Each client account can have multiple contacts, each with their own login, permissions etc. This means that any ticket or project/task can be assigned to a different employee/contact, making for better communication.


My CRM also has a billing system, which I use for invoicing my clients for projects. I use this only for one-off / ad-hoc invoices and projects only.

For recurring billing and subscriptions, I have a separate billing system, which I prefer to use for complete automation and avoids issues caused by relying on manual payments, card expiring or declined payments.

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