Website Design Process

There are many different processes that web designers and developers may use, but any professional will have a process of some description and a way to track and manage tasks and change requests.

It is also important to remember that time is money, and all projects involve a significant amount of time waiting for feedback from clients, which can take anywhere from days to weeks.

This means that while I am waiting for responses & updates from you on your project, I need to work on other projects for other clients in the meantime.


The first step is that you need to provide me with your existing company branding. This consists of your logo, colour scheme and names of specific fonts you wish to use.

If you are a new startup and do not have any branding, then this will need to be created first.

Small Sites

For small websites, I usually produce a mockup of the home page first, which I will then send you for approval and feedback on the overall layout, colours and design. 
Once you have approved this and required changes have been made, I will add your desired images and content, and will then use this general layout and design for the subsequent pages.

Larger Sites

For larger sites with 10 or more pages, we will first create a site map, navigation and wireframe pages.

A wireframe page is basically just the page layout with no design or content, using placeholders for text and images.

You would then approve the layout for each page, after which I will complete the design for the home page using your company branding. Once the design of the home page is agreed, I will apply the same overall design and style to the subsequent pages.


I also provide a free visual feedback to all clients, this allows you to easily provide feedback on the site directly while it is being designed.

See how it works here:

For anything else, not directly related to the design, which cannot be done with the visual feedback tool, please use the project manager to submit tickets or start discussions.

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